Many business and personal financial decisions have tax consequences.  Transactional tax representation considers these consequences to advise on how each decision may affect an individual or business tax owed. A great business plan or personal finance plan often requires a great tax plan. Braden Drake Law is here to help you reach your goals. The following are just some of the areas where tax considerations may be necessary:

  • Estate planning
  • Large gifts, transfers of property for less than fair market value
  • Real estate transactions
  • Small business planning
  • Entity formation
  • International tax

personal income tax

Acquisitions and dispositions of property, gains and losses on stocks, business income and losses, wage income, gambling winnings, as well as other taxable events all affect your personal income taxes. One mistake can sometimes cost individuals tens of thousands of dollars in taxes. Consulting a tax attorney can prove a cost-effective step in understanding and planning for your tax liability.

international tax

The United States tax regime is one of the few that taxes worldwide income on its citizens. That means that even if a citizen is living abroad they are likely required to file and pay U.S. income taxes. However, there are steps that can be taken to mitigate taxes on citizens living abroad. There are different rules for individuals, corporations, and estates. Braden Drake Law can help navigate the complexities of international tax.

estate & gift tax

Estate & gift taxes are governed by a similar set of rules. If someone wishes to give money or property to would be heirs during their lifetime, the gift giver may be subject to gift tax. Should the giver leave that money or property via a will or trust, the gifts may be subject to estate taxes. Depending on the circumstances, one form of tax may be preferable. A tax lawyer may help you in getting more of your assets into the hands of loved ones rather than the IRS.


Transparent Rates

I offer a 1-hour consultation for $100. Should your question/s be more complex in nature, I can customize a legal plan at a flat fee.

The Process

A simple piece of poor tax advice can cost a client thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don’t trust an article found through a Google search when trying to answer tax questions. Allow an expert to help provide the answers you need. If you have a tax question, shoot me an email at Tell me your question and any concerns. From there, we can schedule a consultation to get the answers you need.