Confused about what I, Braden, am up to in my small businesses? Don’t worry my mom and husband can’t keep up either. I’m an Enneagram 7, which means that I’m blessed with energy, motivation, and have a constant stream of new ideas. The downside is that us 7s struggle most to keep things simple, and I’m transparent about that. There are just so many things to do! The graphic below summarizes what I have going on.



This is where you are now. In my firm, I provide comprehensive small business legal help, as well as tax consulting/returns/and bookkeeping for creatives and digital nomads. Any 1-on-1 service is done through here.


Creativepreneur COmmunity

The Creativepreneur Community is my other website/business. It’s a web resource for creative small business owners with blogs, freebies, my podcast, workshops and events, and the Creativepreneur C-Store, a contract template store.


small biz startup guide

The startup guide is an ebook I co-wrote with two friends, Michelle Wintersteen and Lauren Allen, on how to start your own small business.


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1-hour consultations


The process:

  • Fill out my intake form

  • Send me your questions

  • I’ll answer them in the consult

The goal: For you to leave with an action plan on what your biz needs and with answers to your legal Q’s.

tax return preparation


I can help with back taxes and current year taxes. I specialize in small business returns which start at $500.

If you just need some assistance with your return, but want to DIY it, check out my tax parties at creativepreneur.community.

new biz set up


I love my job because I get to work with clients who are doing exciting stuff.

My most popular service is DIY Biz Formation. I draft the tough stuff for you like partnership agreements. We meet, so I can help you self-file all the other documents. Plus, I’ll help set you up for taxes and bookkeeping.


$50+ monthly

I offer a few different monthly bookkeeping packages. I can help you DIY it with monthly checkin call or take over your Quickbooks and assist with payroll, quarterly taxes, and tracking your tax deductions.


starting at $250

Need a template? I checkout the Creativepreneur C-Store. I can also review and contract you need to sign, edit a contract template you already have, or draft a custom contract for your biz. I do service agreements, leases, influencer contracts, you name it.





Trademarks protect your biz name and/or logo, while copyrights protects works of authorship. You might need one or both. Either which way, I’m here to help.

outside counsel


If you find yourself needing regular assistance from an attorney, this is the option for you. Clients pay me on a monthly basis to be at the ready to review contracts, answer questions, and help negotiate deals.

tax advising


I love to do 1-hour consults. I’m happy to answer all of you small biz tax questions in a consultation. For more info on that, check out the consult section above. If you have more complex tax needs, I can write opinion letters or research your issue. These projects are priced on a per-project basis. Reach out for more info.