"Outside counsel" - Your in-house counsel outside the office


What is "outside counsel"?

You have likely heard the term “in-house counsel.” An in-house counsel is a general counsel for her employer. What many people don't know is that general counsel are not for only large companies. You don’t need to be a large corporation to have your own general counsel. The solution is an “outside general counsel.” 

Why have an outside counsel?

  • You will have one lawyer who understands your business's needs and is there to answer your questions and provide services.
  • This plan allows you to get on demand answers to your legal questions without shelling out the money for a staff attorney or receiving periodic bills with unpredictable hourly charges.
  • As your outside counsel, I can write demand letters for payment from clients, cease and desist letters, and contracts. Clients may also use their allotted drafting time for me to review contracts or help negotiate deals with various parties. Should you need more than two hours of these drafting services one month, I offer a discounted hourly rate for general counsel clients.

How much does it cost to have outside counsel?

  • $300 per month
  • Reduced hourly rate for additional work

My rate for outside counsel services is $300 per month. This includes unlimited “quick consultations,” which I define as any question/answer I can provide in around a 10-minute phone call or a quick email. I limit the number of my general counsel clients to ensure that I have time to address each of their needs.

In addition to quick consultations and communication via phone, text, and email, I provide each outside counsel client with a total of two hours per month of additional legal services that do not qualify as quick consults. Typically, clients use this time for contract edits, contract reviews, negotiation, or in person consultations to discuss tax or general legal concerns.

Outside counsel clients also benefit from a reduced hourly rate for additional services, other than litigation.