Non-profit entities

If you’re interested in forming a non-profit, I offer a 1-hour, no-charge, consultation. Head over to my contact page to schedule a meeting. Non-profit corporations involve some complex and nuanced laws. Forming a non-profit works essentially the same as forming a for-profit corporation. The difference comes when you need to seek tax-exempt status for the new business. That’s where the extra layers of complexity come into play. As a tax attorney, I am able to help my client ensure that their non-profit can qualify for tax-exempt status and advise the new entity as what it needs to do to keep its tax exempt status.


Pricing info

Initial 1-Hour Consultation - No Charge

Entity Formation Cost - $2,500-$3,500



Download my free infographic on 501(c)(3)s - The Basics. This will provide an explanation on what a 501(c)(3) and its benefits over for-profit entities.