Business Disputes

Ideally, you will not encounter disputes in business. However, for those not so lucky, there are a few options to reach a resolution. Braden Drake Law can draft cease and desist letters, demand letters, serve as an independent mediator, or give guidance on filing a small claims suit. Litigation is costly. Before threatening a lawsuit, consider alternatives for a quicker resolution.



I offer a $100, 1-hour initial consultation for potential clients who have questions concerning legal disputes. I can assist in advising whether mediation, a demand letter, cease & desist letter, small claims litigation, or general litigation is the best route to resolve whether issue a client may have.



Mediation is a process where individuals sit down with an independent third party to resolve a dispute. The process is streamlined and much more cost-effective than litigation, which typically requires adversaries to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees before reaching a resolution.



In some cases, a letter on law firm letterhead might be the most efficient way to resolve a dispute before it escalates. I write letters on behalf of clients who have non-paying clients of their own or in cases of trademark infringement, slander, libel, or any other breach of a clients’ legal rights.





Typically, it’s ideal to try and resolve disputes through one of the other more informal methods noted on this page. However, in some cases, you may need to file a lawsuit to remedy a breach of contract, tort claim, or other breach of your legal rights. 


Transparent Rates


1-Hour Consultation - $100

Mediation - $150 Per Hour

Demand Letters - $200-$300

Litigation Representation - $200 Per Hour