get to know me

Growing up, I always loved HGTV and art. I dabbled in graphic design with little success. I taught myself to knit, poorly. I was a sales associate for West Elm where I had difficulty designing for anyone that had different taste from myself. I even once bought DSLR, shot on auto for a year, gave up and sold it. Why do I tell you these things? I have many times tried and failed to be a "creative" myself. While it doesn't take much talent to have a creative hobby, it definitely takes skill and practice to monetize a creative passion and turn it into a career. By working with creatives, I am able to use my skill in law and tax while also vicariously working in the creative industry through all of you amazing creativepreneurs. That's why I love what I do.


A little bit more about me:
I live in San Diego with my husband and three dogs. I call myself a self-proclaimed taxpert, cooking aficionado, IRONMAN triathlete, and collector of cookware (mostly Le Creuset). I play tennis, basketball, and volleyball. After my daily meetings, you can usually find me on Instagram talking about taxes and business law while I run around San Diego, after which I exercise my unhealthy passion for baked goods and burritos.

I'm originally from Indiana and graduated from Indiana University with majors in Russian and political science with a minor in business. I am a California licensed attorney with a Master's in Tax Law.


- “your gay best friend, but an attorney who can also do your taxes.”